Unrivaled Capabilities

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Ink is applied to the glass surface through the use of a custom mesh screen, leaving an image fixed onto the glass. Printing options include frit, epoxy and UV curing. All screens are custom and come directly from your artwork.  Multiple color printing and very fine resolution allow any precise image to be transferred to the glass surface. For precise color applications, we have the metrology equipment to accurately measure the L*a*b* values.  


Types of Inks

  • Highly durable
  • Powdered glass (Matched expansion)
  • Printed in full flood or graphics
  • Permanently fused during heat tempering process
  • Limited color selection (Black, white, and gray readily available)
  • Full Pantone color selection
  • Thermal or air cured available
  • More durable than UV curing inks
UV Curing Inks
  • Full Pantone color selection
  • Best line definition and thinnest layering


Specialty Inks
  • Deadfront (Translucent)
  • IR transmitting
  • Electrically conductive
  • Plasticized
  • Anti-Skid (Anti-Slip)


Unrivaled Capabilities No matter the job, we can handle it

Cat-i Glass is a full-service flat-glass fabricator with in excess of 150 employees and more than 100,000 square feet of production area. Cat-i Glass is proud to offer the following capabilities: