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Glass Fabrication Materials

Cat-i Glass maintains a large stock of raw material on site to meet most customers’ glass fabrication needs. This allows us to provide some of the fastest response times in the glass fabrication industry. Should a customer need a type of glass we do not have in stock, we can get it, thanks to our excellent relationship with our suppliers.


Glass types vary in price, color and physical properties. Please consult with Cat-i Glass engineers find the best quality and price for your glass fabrication needs.

Materials and Relative Prices

(Based on Substrate Square Foot Price, Soda Lime being the base for comparison)

  • Float Glasses
    • Soda Lime Float (Slight Green Tint) – 1x
    • Low Iron Soda Lime Float (Colorless) – 4x
    • Borosilicate Float (Slight Yellow Tint) – 20x
  • High Ion Exchange
    • AGC DragonTrail (.55mm, .8mm and 1.1mm) – 10x
    • Corning Gorilla Glass (.55mm, .7mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm and 2mm) – 12x
  • Coated / Etched
    • Commercial Gloss Glass (55-85 GU) - 2.3mm  – 4x
    • Technical Gloss Glass (Standard & Low Sparkle) – 1.1mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm and 3mm – 8-15x
    • Commercial One Sided Antireflective (AR) on Soda Lime Substrate – 7x
    • PAR Single Sided AR on Soda Lime Substrate  – 10x
    • HITAR Double Sided AR on Low Iron Substrate – 15x
    • Optical-HEA (High Efficiency) Double Sided AR on Soda Lime Substrate – 25x
    • Dichroic (Borosilicate Substrate) - 3mm – 250x
    • UV Blocking
    • IR Blocking
    • First and Second Surface Mirror
  • Pattern
  • Color / Art Glass
  • Filters
  • Quartz
  • Glass Ceramic
  • Tubing / Rod