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Coatings / Gloss Glass

Cat-i Glass maintains an extensive line of thin-film-coated glass products to minimize lead-times and to allow it to pass along to customers the cost savings from volume purchasing of its fabricated products.

Glass Coating is applied in order to alter the product appearance or performance. It can add color, extend durability by reducing scratches and corrosion, reduce glare and alter the properties of light transmission, for example.

Glass coatings can be customized to meet the Cat-i Glass customer’s fabrication needs.


Coated Glass in Stock

  • 1mm - 6mm High Efficiency Multi Layer Anti-Reflective (single and double sided)
  • 1mm - 10mm First Surface Mirror (94% and 97% reflectance)
  • 1.2mm - 6mm Second Surface Mirror
  • 2.2mm - 3mm Electrically Conductive 
  • 3mm Dichroic to match Rosco Colors
  • 3.3mm UV Blocking
  • Gloss, Standard and Low Sparkle (Common names: Non-Glare, Anti-Glare, Etched, Satin)
  • Oleophobic (Common names: Anti-Smudge, Anti-Fingerprint, Print-Free)  

Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Reflective (AR) glass reduces reflective light and improves contrast and is often choice in glass fabrication of aerospace, display, military and scanning application products. Cat-i Glass offers a variety of anti-reflective glass types, materials and applications. Our engineers work with you to select the quality and cost glass fabrication options that work the best in your application.

Options of Anti-Reflective Coated Glass

  • Optical-HEA
  • PAR
  • Commercial AR


  • 98% transmission with double sided, 94% transmission with single sided 
  • Soda Lime substrate
  • Wide variety of thicknesses available
  • We commonly stock 1.1mm, 2.3mm, 3mm, and 6mm in single and/or double sided


  • 98% transmission with double sided, 94% transmission with single sided 
  • Low Iron or Soda Lime substrate
  • We commonly stock 1.9mm, 3mm, and 6mm in single and/or double sided


  • 94% transmission with single sided 
  • Soda Lime substrate
  • We commonly stock 1.6mm and 3mm thick single sided

Commercial AR

  • 91% transmission with single sided 
  • Soda Lime substrate
  • We commonly stock 3mm thick single sided

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