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High Ion Exchange Glass

Cat-i Glass maintains a large stock of raw material on site to meet most customers’ glass fabrication needs. This allows us to provide some of the fastest response times in the glass fabrication industry. Should a customer need a type of glass we do not have in stock, we can get it, thanks to our excellent relationship with our suppliers.

Cat-i Glass stocks two types of High Ion Exchange glasses of various thicknesses.  These glasses, once chemically strengthened, exhibit properties of increased strength and scratch resistance. They are:

  • Corning Gorilla Glass (0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm and 2mm)
  • AGC DragonTrail (From 0.4mm to 2.0mm)

Corning Gorilla Glass is used in 33 major brands, 2,450 product models and more than 2.7 billion devices. Among the manufacturers using Gorilla Glass are Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HP and Dell.

AGC DragonTrail ion-exchange glass is six times stronger than conventional glass and the manufacturers claim that it is used in 37 brands of electronic devices. 

Cat-i Glass customers often select one of these ion-exchange glasses for products involving touch-screen applications such as cell phones, notebooks, tablets, digital sign covers and interactive architecture. Other applications include protecting sensitive equipment in high debris environments such as camera sensors, gunsights, and flashlights.

Cat-i Glass is a distributor of Corning Gorilla Glass, AGC Dragontrail, and Nippon Dinorex.

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