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Pattern / Color Glass 

Cat-i Glass maintains a large stock of raw material on site to meet most customers’ glass fabrication needs. This allows us to provide some of the fastest response times in the glass fabrication industry. Should a customer need a type of glass we do not have in stock, we can get it, thanks to our excellent relationship with our suppliers. 


Color Glass

Color glass typically comes in 3mm (.090"/.140”). Common colors include reds, blues, greens, ambers, yellows and more. If we do not have a requested color in stock, we can get it. Color glass is typically heat strengthened.

Pattern Glass

Cat-i Glass has in stock a variety of pattern glass, which typically comes in 4MM. Pattern glass can usually be fully tempered depending on size.

Commonly stocked patterns:

  • C-73
  • Solite
  • Skytex / Linear Spread
  • Clear Spread
  • Pattern 62