Unrivaled Capabilities

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Cat-i Glass has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2007 to ensure quality is built into every process. Regardless of order size, your glass will pass through multiple levels of quality inspection during the manufacturing process.  We are very capable to customize our inspection process to your standards or special requirements.


Cat-i utilizes a wide array of metrology equipment for quality assurance.

Dimensional Measurement

Micro Vu Automatic Video Coordinate Measuring Machine (41” x 65” Table)

Micro Vu Automatic Video Coordinate Measuring Machine (36” x 48” Table)

Micro Vu Automatic Video Coordinate Measuring Machine (24” x 36” Table)

Micro Vu Video Coordinate Measuring Machine (18” X 24” Table)

Micrometers: Size range - 0” to 12”

Calipers: Size range – 0” to 39”

Linear Digital Measuring Tables: size range 0-144”

Digital and Analog Height Gages

Chemical Strengthening

Orihara Surface Stress Meter

Modulus of Rupture Test Unit

Strength/Thermal Tempering

Strainoptics, Grazing Angle Surface Polarimeter (GASP)

Cross Polarized Polariscopes


Grade A Granite Surface Plates – sizes up to 36” X 48”

Zygo Interferometer


Ocean Optics Spectrometer (UV to Near IR range)

X-Rite Transmission Densitometer

Digital Light Meter

Ink Adhesion

Taber Abrasion Crosshatch Tape Test Kit

Surface Defects

Amscope Digital Microscope

Surface Roughness

Mitutoyo Contact Profilometer

Process Control

Digital UV Meter

Digital Pyrometer

Coatings / Etching / Print-Free Oleophobic

EDTM Reflex 1550 Coating Detectors

Byk Gardner Gloss Meter

Linear Rub Tester

Droplet Contact Angle


X-Rite Colorimeter

Principle Internationally Recognized Glass Specifications

  • Glass Tempering Association
  • ASTM C1036: Std. Specification for Flat Glass
  • ASTM C1048: Heat Treated Flat Glass, HS & FT
  • MIL-PRF-13830: Optical Components...
  • ASTM C1422: Chemical Strengthening of Glass
  • ASTM C158: Std. Test Methods for Strength of Glass by Flexure (MOR)
  • ASTM E438-92: Type1, Class A (For BoroFloat)
  • 16CFR 1201: Consumer Products Safety Commission
  • ANSI Z97: Safety Requirements for Architectural Glass Thermal Shock Resistance for Tempered Glass: 302 Degrees F
  • Safety Glazing Certification Council: Self Certification
  • ASTM D3359: Ink Adhesion
  • ANSI Z26.1: Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Operating on Land Highways

Surface Inspection


Unrivaled Capabilities No matter the job, we can handle it

Cat-i Glass is a full-service flat-glass fabricator with in excess of 150 employees and more than 100,000 square feet of production area. Cat-i Glass is proud to offer the following capabilities: