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Precision Glass Drilling / Beveling / Sawing


Our technicians and equipment can drill glass with great precision at various diameters through glass tubes, flat glass, shapes and any other glass applications.

What glass drilling techniques does Cat-i Glass utilize?

Glass drilling capabilities include diamond tooling and high pressure abrasive techniques.


What types of holes can Cat-i Glass drill?

Cat-i Glass serves customers in more than 40 different markets and ships its products all over the world. As a result, it has developed sophisticated glass drilling capabilities that can respond to any need. Typical glass drilling applications include:

  • Stepped Holes - A portion or portions of the drilled hole is enlarged
  • Blind Holes - The hole has only one opening
  • Shaped Holes - The hole has a non-circular shape
  • Through Holes - The hole extends through the glass
  • Notching - An indentation in the edge of the glass
  • Slotting/Grooving - A channel cut into the glass surface
  • Countersink - A hole for a screw or other object to be inserted flush with the glass surface

What other capabilities does Cat-i Glass drilling equipment have?

Holes in grids or clusters can be achieved on state-of-the-art CNC glass drilling equipment.

These wide-ranging glass drilling and other glass fabrication capabilities are why so many customers with highly specialized product needs rely on Cat-i Glass.



Beveling is a machining process using diamond based tooling to grind angled surfaces into the glass.  Our machinery can place a precision bevel onto circles, rectangles or shaped glasses and at any angle according to your specification. 



Sawing is a precision method to fabricate glass to size using diamond saw blades. Tighter tolerances can be held along with finer finished edges over traditional glass cutting, improving the overall quality of the finished product.  Along with flat glass, this is the method we utilize to fabricate glass tubing and rod to size. Our machinery includes CNC saws capable of accurately sawing glass substrates down to 0.2mm in thickness.   

Unrivaled Capabilities No matter the job, we can handle it

Cat-i Glass is a full-service flat-glass fabricator with in excess of 150 employees and more than 100,000 square feet of production area. Cat-i Glass is proud to offer the following capabilities: