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Cat-i Glass Fabrication Capabilities

Cat-i Glass’ experienced processing and applications engineers design and build Cat-i glass fabrication machines to meet customer needs. Fabrication capabilities include:


Glass bonding, gasket assembly, plastic assembly.

Chemical Strengthening

Chemical Strengthening glass is a process that strengthens the surface of glass by replacing sodium ions with larger potassium ions. Cat-i Glass uses this process on thin glass, H.I.E.

Clean Room Processing

Cat-i Glass maintains multiple clean rooms for the fabrication, assembly, inspection and packaging of glass in a contaminant-free environment.

CNC Machining

Cat-i Glass has made the investment in custom designed CNC fabrication machinery for cutting an unlimited number of shapes, grinding, decorative edgework, edging and drilling.


The unprecedented in-house engineering expertise to build superior glass-cutting machinery is one reason Cat-i Glass is a leading U.S. producer of quality flat-glass products for industries such as aerospace, display, instrumentation, lighting, medical, military, scanners and sight glass.


Cat-i Glass technicians and equipment can drill glass with great precision at various diameters through glass tubes, flat glass, shapes and any other glass applications.


Our equipment can shape a glass edge to any profile. The Cat-i Glass team consists of several experienced in-house glass fabrication engineers and technical sales personnel who are always willing to assist customers in selecting the right glass edging process for their products. An essential element of this process is to help the customer avoid any unnecessary costs.

Heat Tempering

Heat Tempering is one method Cat-i Glass uses to strengthen glass and make it safer by changing its fracture characteristics.


Before glass is packaged, pieces are thoroughly inspected and tested, by our inspection/metrology department. Various special lighting inspection systems can detect internal defects and surface flaws. Development of custom measurement machines allows for quality, defect-free glass products.


Cat-i Glass provides custom laminated glass that is comprised of various types of glass for use in specialty applications. Desirable characteristics include safety, sound reduction and energy savings.

Laser Marking

Cat-i Glass fabrication capabilities includes the use of lasers to etch glass.


Cat-i advanced-process methods in sandblasting allow us to abrade glass surfaces. Abraded patterns or shapes can be added to any type of glass and to one or both surfaces.


Ink is applied to the glass surface through the use of a custom-printed screen. Printing options include frit, enamel or epoxy. Custom printed screens and multiple color printing allows any precise image to be transferred to the glass surface.

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